Here is a list of commonly asked questions and concerns that we have received. Of course if you have any concerns not listed here, we are happy to answer your questions before booking your event.

How long does each face take to be painted?
Full faces designs take 8-10 minutes depending on complexity while smaller standard designs will take 3-5 minutes on average.

What designs do you offer?
The children will have many examples to choose from, everything from small cheeky artwork to full faces and standard designs. Please call to discuss your theme and what ideas we can come up with prior to the event being held.

What type of paint is used?
The face paints used are non-toxic, FDA compliant, and water-based — specially formulated for use on children’s skin. Designs can easily be removed with mild soap and water. For more information please visit: Diamond FX Face Paints Safety Sheet

What about glitter?
This is included in the standard face painting package so please note if you are NOT interested in us using glitter for your event and we will keep it hidden. All the glitters we use are cosmetic grade and contain no aluminums.

What should we provide?
A small work area is needed; a six foot square area against a wall is preferable. I bring everything I need including Directors chair, table, paint supplies and even the water to rinse my brushes.

What type of payment is accepted?

Cash, check or money order. Checks need to be delivered before the event so the funds can be made available before the event.