Policies & Recommendations
– All events require payment at time of service! If your company or organization requires an invoice in order to have the funds available at time of service, we will be happy to provide one in advance.- We¬†accept only cash, check or money orders as payment. We do not accept credit or debt cards as payment.- We generally put out a “TIP” jar unless specifically asked not to in advance of the event.- We use only high quality professional face paints and glitter with all ingredients being FDA approved.- We reserve the right to NOT paint the faces of: persons with open cuts, abrasions, blisters, or rashes on the face, conjunctivitis, runny noses, fevers or other obvious or communicable health issues. We will be glad to substitute a design on the person’s hand, arm or leg in these cases.

– We do not recommend paints be applied to the faces of children who are under the age of 3, in keeping with the manufacturers recommendations. We will be happy to substitute a design on the hand, arm or leg if desired.

– All paints are water based and can be easily removed with wet wipes or mild soap and water. Some colors may require a second washing for complete removal, however this is rather rare.

– Designs may be left on overnight… but we do not recommend it. If you do choose to sleep with the design on, we strongly recommend you put down an old towel or something you don’t care about being stained to protect your good bed linens.

– We strive to maintain high standards of sanitation.

– We do high quality full face designs like you see at major theme parks.